Taiping trip

Posted by nemo

Here are my Ipoh-Taiping trip photos!

FYI, i took Ets train to Ipoh and went to taiping by car.

on the train

Charging phone
the train station
Chee cheong fun

Mixture of pork meats and tofu

In the temple
The staircase
the view from the top
coconuts to kill thirsty

the worker

jeep tickets sold out upon arrival in taiping.
checked in Flemington Hotel
at Taiping lake
lol the pixel poor giler idk why

the kid enjoyed much with the mom
sunset from the hotel that i stayed

opened air "sky bar "

swimming pool located at the roof top

dinner at seafood restaurant

more will be up next! stay tune guys!


Posted by nemo

I will be making my blog alive after spm which is the last paper of the test at 20 dec 2010.
wish me luck in the big test!
sorry for the inconvenience of delay blogging.


August Rewind

Posted by nemo

Since I am not up to date to my blog for the whole august month.
I'm going to squeeze up all my activites that i have done during the month of august.
so yeah loads of photos to up !
Pictures show it all.

second birthday celebration at delicious. My Tenderloin

comes with Beef Juice

makan time

my fourth birthday celebration

with lovely jo dee

peace ^^

my present!


Broga Hill adventure 1

with my mom

visited Royal Selangor

with the largest beer tank in the world

their selling piece

Broga Hill adventure 2

Dim sum with them

Had dim sum breakfast at the World of Dim sum, cheras.